Social Service Facilities of Macau
NameDetoxification and Maintenance Treatment Services - Areia Preta Drug Treatment Centre (Methadone)
AddressRua Central da Areia Preta, n.os 599-671 , Macau
Telephone2843 7525
Fax2843 7665
Date of Establishment10/2002
Person-in-ChargeAo Wang Tim
Entity of OwnershipSocial Welfare Bureau
License NoImmunity
Service TargetHelp-seekers on detoxification aged 30 or above and their family members
No of Staffnull
Opening Hours1. outpatient Detoxfiication Treatment Service: Mondy to Friday, during normal office hours; 2. Methadone Treatment and Maintenance Service: Monday to Sunday, 08:00-20:00(The service of medicine distribution is maintained during weekend, Sunday, public holidays and in times of typhoon.)
DescriptionAfter the merge of the Office for the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Addiction and Social Welfare Bureau (SWB) in June 1999, and in order to improve Macao drug treatment services, in August 2001, SWB initiated construction plan of Drug Treatment Complex Centre, which started to operate in October 2002, providing a variety of services, including outpatient detoxification treatment service, methadone treatment and maintenance service, treatment and consultation service for drug dependents, counselling service for young drug dependents, activities and support service, counselling and follow-up on infectious diseases, drug urine test and follow-up on social reintegration. In order to cope with the development of Macao medical services, in December 2015, Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Division moved to Ilha Verde Centre for Victims of Disaster, 10th Floor. The above-mentioned services of Drug Treatment Complex Centre are provided in various locations. Detoxification and maintenance treatment services are provided in Drug Treatment Centre (Methadone), Carmo, Taipa and Conde de São Januário Hospital, whereas detoxification treatment service for youth are provided in Ilha Verde Youth Counselling Centre.

After the reorganization of the relevant services, services provided to the public include:

1. Outpatient Detoxfiication Treatment Service

Help-seekers on detoxification are provided with outpatient health care at community level, medical examination, individual psychological counselling, family counselling, social support and referral services.
Opening hours of outpatient service: Mondy to Friday, during normal office hours

2. Methadone Treatment and Maintenance Service

Methadone maintenance treatment programme is provided to individuals addicted to heroin for a long time. The programme consists of medical consultation; nursing care provided by nurses, methadone distribution, treatment monitoring and assessment, and appropriate and necessary regular medical check-up. In addition, it also includes psychological counselling provided by social workers, activities in small groups, referral services, etc.
Opening hours of methadone treatment and maintenance service: Monday to Sunday, 08:00-20:00.
(The service of medicine distribution is maintained during weekend, Sunday, public holidays and in times of typhoon.)

3. Counselling and Follow-up on Infectious Diseases of Drug Dependents

Provide intensive counselling, treatment referral and follow-up of cases on infectious diseases, as well as the arrangement of medical examination and counselling on hygiene education, etc.

4. Urine Test and Laboratory Analysis

In order to cope with medical diagnosis, urine tests of the cases will be conducted for commencing appropriate drug treatment plans. Simultaneously, urine test and laboratory analysis will be carried out for cases of sentence suspension, conditioned by drug treatment.

Appointment with social workers can be arranged in person or by telephone during normal office hours. All data will be kept confidential. No fee is required.

Normal office hours: Monday to Thursday 09:00 – 13:00, 14:30 – 17:45
Friday 09:00 – 13:00, 14:30 – 17:30