Social Service Facilities of Macau
NameComprehensive Assessment Centre for Rehabilitation Service    
AddressIstmo de Ferreira do Amaral, n.° 25, Edifício Litoral, Fase 2, 2.° andar, Macau
Telephone2840 3927 / 2840 3057 / 2840 3724
Fax2840 3374
Date of Establishment09/11/2005
Person-in-ChargeTse Pui San
Entity of OwnershipSocial Welfare Bureau
Service TargetMacao residents who need to apply for or use the rehabilitation services of Social Welfare Bureau or other subsidized institutions,
Covered Area (m2)1238.00
No of Staffnull
Opening HoursMonday to Thursday 9:00-13:00, 14:30-17:45;
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DescriptionThe Assessment Centre for Rehabilitation, a service unit under Rehabilitation Service Division of Social Welfare Bureau, is set up for the disabled, with the following objectives:
- Provide comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessments to those disabled persons who are in need of rehabilitation services, thus helping to seek for an appropriate service;
- Provide case enquiry and technical advices to rehabilitation institutions;
- Provide relevant information to staffs of rehabilitation institutions, persons with disabilities and their family members, with the aim of facilitating them to obtain information pertaining to rehabilitation services;
- Organize training programs to enhance professional development of rehabilitation services;
- Promote educational programs to enhance social integration;
- Give impetus to scientific research on rehabilitation services.