Social Service Facilities of Macau
NameCreche Diocesana Carmo    
AddressAvenida de Carlos da Maia, n.º 1 - Taipa
Date of Establishment1952
Person-in-ChargeLau Sio Leng - Directora da creche
Entity of OwnershipCatholic Diocese of Macau
License No135
Type of AssistanceSubsidized Facility: Technical and financial assistance.
Service TargetAge one to 3 years
CapacityNo. of Persons per License:68
Covered Area (m2)257.04
Uncovered Area (m2)1146.44
No of Staffnull
Opening HoursMonday to Saturday 08:30-18:30
DescriptionBackground of facility
The nursery was established in 1952. The leader of Our Lady of Carmel Church at that time suggested the Diocesano de Macau to open new nurseries in view that residents of Taipa had to work and had no time of child-care. Based on the spirit of kindness in the Christianity, it aims to enable young children to comprehensive and balanced development and growth in physical training, moral values and emotional intelligence, etc. The nursery is a non-profit social service facility which provides a happy, independent environment with openness and diversity for young children, promoting mutual support and friendship.

Mission of the service
The nursery adheres to the "people-oriented" philosophy; emphasizes the attitude of respect, trust and openness in order to lead a healthy and harmonious family life; works closely together with parents to create a safe, healthy and happy home for young children, reducing the burden of care-taking on parents, so that parents to leave their children in day-care with a sense of security and trust. The staff tries their best to set an example with an upright attitude, with love and encouragement to establish children's sense of security and thinking ability, teaching young children to be grateful, so that young children can establish a positive life value in a pleasant learning environment, becoming happy and confident children.

Goal of the service
To continue the concept of quality and pragmatic education of Diocesano de Macau, the facility nurtures young children with good character of gratitude. With "practicing the education of love and spreading the seeds of love" as the main objective, it is committed to giving care and understanding to young children, so that young children can develop a harmonious and inclusive personality through social life, leading them outside of their closed world. When playing together with others, the creativity of young children is stimulated. Their awareness of sharing with peers will be developed. Therefore, young children can experience the world with others outside their own world, gradually understanding how to respect others and are willing to share with others.

Service content and scope
The facility provides abundant and diverse activities materials for young children aged 1-3 years. According to the needs of early childhood development, the decoration and arrangement of the facility is regularly changed according to different themes. The facility adopts flexible nurturing methods include group creation activities, corner games and so on to enhance the life experience of young children and enrich their visions of learning. In addition, it aims to create a good atmosphere of character cultivation, cultivating young children’s’ good behavior and habits to pursue the value of “the true, the good and the beautiful”, laying a good foundation from an early age. The outdoor area is equipped with children's physical fitness and play facilities. Ecological resources are also available for young children to observe, to experience and learn from the true nature. There are also a variety of plants, making the area green all the year around and providing a beautiful and peaceful environment for young children. The interior area includes activity room, health room, office, conference room, staff lounge, kitchen, laundry room, storage room and toilet and so on. A security booth is set up outside. All facilities and equipment are set up according to the principle "safety first, eco-friendly, energy-saving and multi-functionality" for young children. In order to foster the environmental awareness of the staff and service users, relevant elements are introduced in equipment acquisition, promoting the awareness of reducing waste and recycling, so as to encourage staff and service users to save resources and protect the environment.